Marla Kreiness Striar, Real Estate Agent

Hi everyone, please meet Marla Kreiness Striar, real estate agent for Compass.   Marla is a good friend who was built to be an amazing real estate agent, which she’s been doing for over 4 years.  Little bit about Marla – she grew up in Westchester (Edgemont), taught 7th and 8th grade History for over a decade and lives in Rye Brook with her husband and two beautiful daughters. 



As a parent and former teacher, Marla understands the multi-faceted needs associated with the home buying process. Not just the budget, space, and location, but the intangibles. Does it feel like home?  Marla’s previous experience as a teacher, combined with her vast knowledge of the area,  lends a unique perspective and provides clients with essential insights.

Marla focuses on sales, purchases and rentals for the residential community in Lower Westchester.  Compass is an amazing real estate company that empowers their team through collaboration and knowledge.  You might know Platinum Drive Realty as they were acquired by Compass in 2018 where Marla started.  We bought our house in Westchester through Platinum in 2013 and can attest that they are wonderful.

No matter what you’re looking for, Marla will work closely and honestly with you, making sure you feel comfortable with the process from beginning to end.  If you’re looking to move to the area for the first time or are moving around within Westchester, she’s your person.   She can connect the dots like no other because of her connections, outgoing personality and her life experience being a mother and educator in Lower Westchester, which is necessary to serve the complex needs of her clients.

By contacting Marla, she will provide you with an analysis of the Lower Westchester real estate market.  Look out for our Beeline Zoom Interview coming out soon to learn more about how she is providing tremendous value to her clients by making the complexity of real estate seem simple and painless!

Reach out to Marla – [email protected]

Instagram – @marlamoves

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