Melissa Tomlin, Caring for Covid

Meet Melissa Tomlin, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  You may have heard of her business, 914Popups, where she puts people in connection with one another to set up events and fundraisers in Westchester.  Since Covid hit, it hampered her service for obvious reasons, so she teamed up with Aubrey Graf-Daniels, and Brittany B. Brandwein, Executive Director, White Plains BID, to do some good by creating Caring for Covid.

Caring for Covid is a partnership for the White Plains community to feed frontline workers as well as help local businesses stay afloat.  How amazing is that!  We need more people like Melissa, Aubrey and Brittany because they were there at a time when our community needed help ..  Make no mistake, our community as well as many others throughout the US, still need help.







  • To date they’ve raised over $25k.
  • They’re sourcing to local White Plains restaurants that are experiencing an economic downturn for food and meals.
  • They are also partnering with other friends and organizations to help the cause.
  • Caring for Covid, has recently partnered with the White Plains BID in a continuing effort to provide meals and supplies to front line workers in White Plains.

Look at all the good they are doing with first responders in our local communities!







The White Plains BID has generously agreed to match donations 1:1, in support of local restaurants, in the White Plains! #strongertogether


From their Facebook page, “While we recognize these are unprecedented times for all, our goal is to unite our community and bring hope to those who are in desperate need. We are collecting monetary and/or product donations to continue our efforts in supporting front line workers fighting for our community against Covid-19.“


Donations have been coming in from people in the local community as well as some local corporate contributions.  It’s important to note that most of their connections have been through word of mouth, so please spread the word!  At neighborbee, we are trying to help create awareness because they are doing something so special when the community needs it most!

They are hoping to continue their initiatives at Caring for Covid over the next several weeks. This not only helps local businesses but also the invaluable medical workers that are putting their lives on the line to save others everyday.


Melissa, Aubrey and Brittany are collecting donations to support the front line in the fight against Covid-19. If you wish to make a monetary donation our GoFundMe is provided. If you wish to send any product, please email them [email protected]
Thank you Melissa, Aubrey and Brittany for your heard work and selflessness to make our local communities better!  We are so thankful for your passion, hard work and selflessness!  You too can make a difference by helping our local communities anyway you can.


And thank you to Jessica at Photography at JLZ for putting us in touch!!

Visit their Facebook page 




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