Albert’s Barber Shop, 222 Mill St, Greenwich, CT, 203-531-0981 (OPEN!!!)

It’s been over three months since my last haircut and I don’t know who was more excited – my wife, my kids or me.  Albert’s Barber Shop has been open since the first week of June when Connecticut allowed barber shops to reopen.  Albert’s is located across from Char on Mill Street in Byram on the border of Port Chester.

I’ve been going to Albert’s for the past few years.  They’re an amazing Barber Shop, owned by Albert, who works alongside Rafael and Gabriel.  If you drove by March, you may have noticed that the place was gutted and seemed as if they were out of business. 

As it turns out, a pipe burst and they had to do a lot of work to the place, including putting in a new floor.  There’s never a good time to have to spend money on unexpected renovations, but the timing was good from the perspective that they were closed for business as we were quarantined.

Now they’re back and stronger than ever!    A few things have changed as you can imagine.  You have to call in advance to make an appointment, wear a mask at all times and the waiting room is now outside.

They now have the help of Kaltrin, who is making appointments and helping people check in while everyone is busy cutting hair.  Their system is very efficient as I didn’t have to wait very long.  I heard people talking about how they called and they may not have picked up, but Kaltrin is good about calling people right back (as he did for me because he was on with another client).  So call back if someone doesn’t answer.  They’re just busy!!

This is a huge step to normalcy even if it’s not exactly how it was back in early March, but I’ll take it!  Support your local businesses!

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