485 CPW Newsletter – Changes Are in the Air – circa 2007

This article was orinally posted in the 485 CPW newsletter in 2007.  Michael Nelson is a current long time 485 CPW resident and used to be on the coop board.


This is an exciting time for the building. There are many things about to happen in the next month or two. We have started the tedious processes of ridding the building of Coinmach and by the time they have removed their machines from the basement, we should have a signed contract with a new company who will provide larger, energy efficient, front-loading washers , with one or two top-load machines, double stacked dryers, laundry carts, tables and a Smartcard machine ( no more need to save those pesky quarters!) They will renovate the room and put in a new floor. Doing the laundry will be a little easier, or at least a little nicer.

The plans for the remodeling of the elevator’s interior are complete and will take about a week to complete. It will include a refinishing of the door and operational panel wall, a stainless steel ceiling (with a 2 speed fan)  a black rubber floor with steel studs, Formica Chestnut Burl panels  and a single stainless steel rail on the back wall. The downside is that the elevator will be out of service for 4 or 5 days. There will be notices put up as soon as the dates are set so hopefully inconveniences can be kept to a minimum.

By now, many of you may have noticed the new picture hanging near the elevator. Julia Harris has discoverd a photo of our building, taken in the very late 1030’s. We can place the time of the photo because 9th Avenue El’s “Suicide Curve” (see article) is shown in the foreground and this was dismantled in 1940. As you can see, the building hasn’t changed, except that the larger canopy has been replaced. If anyone has any pre-conversion photos of the building, please contact one of your Board members; we’d love to create a picture wall for the building.


Michael Nelsen