Tracy Dohrmann, Director of Membership for NYCity Matchmaking

Hi everyone, meet Tracy Dorhmann, Director of Membership for NYCity Matchmaking!  Tracy is a dear friend of mine that I met while attending Fordham University in the Bronx.  Tracy is a perfect match for neighborbee (pun intended) as she helps people find their true love every day.

NYCity Matchmaking is a boutique matchmaking and date coaching service.  They focus on the NY Metro area (NYC, CT, NJ) so Westchester County is one of their top areas.

Tracy has a great background for this role as she has a degree in psychology and was a social worker after college.  As Director of Membership, those skills help her connect with potential candidates.

COVID-19 has changed the dating game forever.  Since you’re limited to meeting people in person, video chats are the new normal.  Online dating is more popular than ever and because small talk and late nights are generally out, it’s important to become a master of this new reality.  

You have to be comfortable with presenting yourself in the best light because you can be minutes away from being swiped for someone else.  It’s  important to have your pictures, profile and pitch down while also being authentic. 

Dating in this new world can be daunting and it requires a lot of energy to be successful.  Many people don’t have the time to devote to it, but Tracy and her team can help you in a few ways:

  • They will provide you with a one-hour assessment
  • For online dating only, they help with creating profiles, taking pictures and providing coaching throughout the dating process.  
  • They will connect you with people in their database they feel would be a good match for you.  They’ll also prep, coach and give you some post dating advice. 

Contact Tracy to get a free 15-minute consultation and see if this is right for you. 

Everyone deserves their own “happily ever after!” 

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