MC Cleaners – Rye Brook, Rye & Scarlesdale

Last summer, Joe Mercurio walked up my driveway in Rye Brook, NY and handed me a postcard with a coupon for special offers to try out his dry-cleaning delivery service. I’m glad I did.

He and his brother Jay are great guys who have been in the family business since 1960. They are traditional old-school Italians who believe that family always comes first and are driven by hard work. 

After learning more about their company, I decided to try it out.  Here’s how their service works:

  1. Call 914-478-1810 to set up an account and tell them your preferences.
  2. They’ll send you a laundry bag and door hook that you place on the outside of your front door – this will hold the clothes that you need dry-cleaned. 
  3. An automated service calls to remind you the night before to leave your clothes out.
  4. They’ll pick up the bag at night and return them to you dry-cleaned (covered in plastic or in boxes) a few days later.
  5. A clean laundry bag is provided for next time. 

Joe and Jay are hard working guys who believe that the customer is always right and will go above and beyond for you. I’ve personally spoken with Jay by phone many times about his service and special requests I had about stains on shirts.  

Since we’re living in a time where we need to keep our distance from others, MC Cleaners is a service we could all use.  Laundromats and dry cleaners are deemed essential businesses because they pick up and deliver.

MC Cleaners serves Rye, Rye Brook and Scaresdale.

Here is their website. Call Jay at (914) 478-1810 and let him know neighborbee referred you. Below is the coupon with their special offers.

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