James L. Casale – Educator, Children’s Book Author, Father

Please meet Dr. James Casale.  He is someone you don’t meet everyday but wish you did.  He’s a master of his craft as an award-winning educator and author of three critically acclaimed parenting books.

Dr. Casale grew up in Harrison NY, graduated from Harrison High School, and returned later on in life to teach.  He became the principal at Purchase Elementary School, Preston Elementary School and then the Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

He recently wrote an essay titled, “How to Survive the Pandemic, the Summer, and Beyond.”  It’s great advice on how parents with children in school can cope in this new world and also provides strategies that will help make things a little easier during this difficult time.  He takes a serious matter and adds some humor to lighten it up.  As a parent of two girls in elementary school, this resonated with me and gave me some great ideas on how to navigate this new territory we find ourselves in.

He gets it.  If you’re a parent who’s trying to raise good kids and are always looking for ways to improve, then pick up one of his books:

As parents, we simply want what’s best for our children, but sometimes the modern education system does not always cater to the individual needs of every child.  Buy it – Amazon 






Parenting is not quantum physics or brain surgery; it’s harder! “Most of the time I feel totally unqualified to be a parent. I call those times being awake.” Jim Gaffigan, comedian

Are you trying to raise good kids who like to learn? Are you hoping your kids will grow up to be men and women of character? Read any of these 40 essays that interest you and adopt strategies that will target some of your frustrations.  Buy it – Amazon 



Are you fresh to the parenting game and fear you don’t know the rules? Do you worry your kids won’t grow up to be upstanding citizens? Did you arrive home from the hospital with a newborn and ask yourself, “Now what?” As an award-winning Florida state and national educator, James L. Casale, Ph.D. has more than forty years of experience teaching leadership. Buy it – Amazon 


James will autograph and send a free copy to the first 15 people who buy his book on Amazon and write a positive review.

Thank you Jessica for introducing us!  Her company, Photography by JLZ. was one of our first postings and she did the designs for one of his books.

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