Beeline Interview: Anthony Lobosco

Hi everyone! I’m Serena and I’m the new editor at Neighborbee. We’ll be introducing some new writers and features so stick around and stay tuned! This week, we’ll be starting our interviews.

First up is our very own Anthony Lobosco.

You may have already met Anthony, but do you know his favorite local spots? His favorite slice? That he’s very into zombies?

Anthony Lobosco

Name: Anthony Lobosco

Occupation: Internet entrepreneur and sales director for a small telecommunications research & bandwidth brokerage firm, Satori Networks

Borough/Neighborhood: Upper West Side/Morningside Heights

Tell us a little about how you got started with neighborbee: I came up with the concept when I was living in Tribeca and attending Business School at Fordham University in 2003.  I had a hard time getting information on the neighborhood and meeting people since I was new to Tribeca. Having spent over a decade in telecommunications during the birth of the internet, I fell in love it and also the notion of improving people’s lives with it.

Favorite place to eat in the neighborhood: Henrys.  Friendly atmosphere, great brunch and dinner. They also offer seasonal wines & beer that compliment their menu.  Whether you’re sitting at the bar, watching the game, or sitting at a table overlooking Broadway, it’s a great time.

Little known fact about your neighborhood: On September 16, 1776, the Battle of Harlem Heights was fought in Morningside Heights; the most intense fighting occurred in a sloping wheat field that is now the location of Barnard College. A plaque by the Columbia University gate on 117th Street and Broadway commemorates this battle.

Favorite watering hole: Tie between The Lions Head Tavern and The Abbey.  Both have great beer menus and bar food.  However, I prefer the Lions Head’s burgers.  I prefer local bars that make you feel at home, which both places do all.

Best pizza in your hood: Koronet Pizza on 112th and Broadway.  While it might not be the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, it definitely has one of the largest slices I’ve ever seen.  It’s the best buy in town for sure.

If there was a movie of your life, what neighborhood would grace the opening scene? The East Village, specifically 12th Street and 2nd Avenue.  I lived there for 5 years and loved the diversity of the restaurants, small businesses, vintage movie theater and of course the people.

Alright, now what is your all time favorite monster movie: Hands down “Night of the Living Dead.”  There’s nothing more terrifying than the walking dead!

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